Grounds Passes

100% of the proceeds from purchasing tickets benefit the charities in the greater Kansas City area. These charities have registered in advance for the Tickets FORE Charity program. During the purchase process below, you will have the opportunity to select a deserving organization in need of your support.

The Tickets FORE Charity program is a unique and innovative way to infuse the community into the Digital Ally Open. As with all PGA TOUR sanctioned events, 100% of the net revenues generated by the tournament are donated to local charities. As an extension of this initiative, the Tickets FORE Charity program was designed as a vehicle to provide additional support to nonprofit organizations. Through this program, 100% of the funds received by the tournament for all tickets sold will be donated to participating charities.

How much do tickets cost?

  • Daily Grounds Pass (valid for ONE day of tournament) $10
  • Weekly Grounds Pass
  • Weekly Grounds Pass: 10 Pack
    $200 (save $50)
  • Weekly Corporate Pass: 30 Pack
    $500 (save $250)

Note: Both the Daily and Weekly Grounds Passes allow access to the golf course as well as bleacher seating

How do I get my charity signed up?

Please visit the Tickets FORE Charity page to sign up.

Is there any cost associated with the Tickets FORE Charity program?

Absolutely not! The Tickets FORE Charity was developed to help support the many charitable organizations in the local area. Any and all costs associated with The Tickets FORE Charity program (such as ticket mailing costs, ticket printing costs etc.) will be absorbed by the KC Crusaders.

How much money can my organization raise through this program?

The Tickets FORE Charity program earning potential is unlimited! Your organization will receive a check at the end of each month for 100% of every ticket sold.

Will the Digital Ally Open provide my organization with tournament tickets to sell?

No. The Digital Ally Open will provide will provide each charity with a customizable PDF version of the order form tailored specifically for that organization. The organization will then print as many copies of the order form as they would like and distribute them to the public. This document can be found in the Sign Up Your Organization page.

Will my organization have to collect the money from the ticket orders?

No. Once the organization has handed the potential ticket buyer an order form, it has essentially completed its task. We do, however, suggest that the charities follow up with each of the potential ticket buyers to ensure that they have indeed placed the order. Once potential ticket buyers have the order form in hand, it is then up to them to send the order form to the KC Crusaders (Digital Ally Open) via fax or mail. Potential ticket buyers may also choose to purchase their tickets online or call the tournament office at (913) 652-6912.

How will the KC Crusaders know that the ticket order should be credited to my organization?

When we receive the ticket order (either by fax, mail, phone, or online) we will process the payment, mail the tickets, and credit your organization. As mentioned earlier, each paper order form has your organization’s name at the top to ensure that your organization receives credit for that particular purchase. Also, if tickets are purchased online, ticket buyers are asked to select the charity of their choice from a drop down menu before payment is processed.

Whom can we sell the tickets to?

There are a number of different ways to sell tournament tickets and promote the Tickets FORE Charity program.

  • Corporate Sales
  • Private donors
  • Email blasts
  • Website links
  • Newsletters
  • Displays
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Restaurant lobbies
  • Retail stores
  • Press releases
  • Public service announcements
  • Sporting events
  • Fairs
  • Family, friends, and co-workers
  • Door-to-Door

How will my organization get paid for selling the tournament tickets?

Here is an example of how your charity gets paid:

Charity XYZ distributes 400 ticket order forms in the month of February, and 100 of those order forms are completed and returned to the tournament office. For simplicity sake, lets say each of the completed 100 order forms is for (1) Weekly Grounds Pass at $25/ticket.

Charity XYZ would then be credited with $2,500 in ticket sales for that month. At the end of February (and the end of every month of the sales period [February-July 2017]), the KC Crusaders will write a check for the full amount raised (in this case, the February check would total $2,500) back to Charity XYZ.

The KC Crusaders will also provide Charity XYZ with their up-to-date sales figures to let them know where they currently stand.

Please contact Tracy MacDonald at [email protected]
or Cathryn Linney at [email protected] for more information